Community and Global Innovations for Climate Change

When we talk about community and global innovations for climate change, we have to consider the global outlook first. Innovations in climate change adaptation and mitigation are also crucial for community- based innovations.

Different Scenarios of Global Warming (Source:IPCC)

There are many threats due to climate change such as global pandemic, food security and resettlement as a result of sea level rises. The goal of climate change adaptation is to protect the most vulnerable communities with the support of technology innovations, community-level innovations and initiatives.

Human beings are suffering from 51 billion tons of GreenHouse Gas per year. It is expected to get net zero emission with the help of climate change mitigation. It is aimed to reach 27% of power generation, 31% of manufacturing, 19% of agriculture and livestock, 16% of transportation and 7% of heating and cooling.

Innovations in Climate Change Adaptation

1. One Health
Source: Brooke
2. Disaster Risk Management
3. Food Security

Innovations in Climate Change Mitigation

Green Premium

Source: Gates Notes

I. Power Generation and Storage

Solar and Wind

It has advantages for inexhaustible and zero carbon even though it has obstacles for interruption in winter and during night.

Landscape of Power Generation in ASEAN
Solar Energy in Vietnam
Climate Investment Funds in Cambodia

Hydrogen has the potential of replacing fossil fuels although it has high cost and may cause carbon emission in the production process.

Source: Gates Notes
Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

Source: Context Energy Examined

II. Manufacture

Source: Gates Notes
Source: Gates Notes

III. Agriculture and Livestock

Source: Cainthus

IV. Transportation

Instead of using small/mid-sized and large-sized vehicles, maritime and planes, these can be substituted with power-motivated  vehicles from zero-carbon by biomass or electrolysis.

A Snapshot of EVs Market in ASEAN 
Source: KPMG
Source: KPMG

V. Nature-based Solutions

Source: IUCN

VI. Emissions Calculation and Management

Source: Persefoni

Community-based Innovations

Example 1: Community Solar Solutions

Source: Okra Solar
Smart Solutions going into Remote Communities
Source: Okra Solar

Example 2: Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB)

Areas to work on

As the next step, it is crucial to invest in research and development to lower down the green premium for more emerging countries to deploy technologies. In addition, more training should be provided to talented scientists and engineers in emerging countries to be competent in the global research and development race for climate innovations. Last but not least, it is important policy innovations to encourage entrepreneurship and innovations in this sector.

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