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Have you heard about valuation of ecosystem services (ES)? 

It is a new trend in biodiversity and nature accounting, as only through ensuring that projects and policy fully consider the costs and benefits of the natural environment (putting a price on nature), humans can understand how well they have been treating nature in a quantitative way. What are the methods of ES valuation and how do we apply them in different situations? 

Now it is time to ask EcoServicesValue.AI! This is a chatbot powered by large language models. 

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News and Features

Financing Renewable Resources to Mitigate Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of this generation. The research on climate change data has made it abundantly clear the implications of rising global temperature on earth’s natural ecosystem especially those that are climate sensitive.

The Pathway to China’s Carbon Neutral Goal

On the 18th meeting of the Comprehensively Deepening Reform Committee, Chinese leader Xi Jinping once again highlighted the comprehensive and articulate implementation of the new development philosophy, urging to formulate a clear plan to achieve the goal of peaking carbon emissions by 2030.

What does Carbon Trade entail for Nepal?

In January of 2021, The World Bank approved an Emission Reduction (ER) project in the Terai area of Nepal, whose main objective is to make payments for emission reduction schemes through reduced forest deforestation and degradation.

Waste to Wealth; an Innovative Turnaround to Nigeria’s Economy

In Nigeria, the society is facing a serious challenge for effective management of the increasing amount of produced municipal wastes; there are no sewage treatment plants. Hence, solid and liquid wastes are managed in a haphazard manner.

Case Stories