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Climate Leaders Initiative Myanmar by Climate Future ( is a program that provides learning opportunity on the data and technology behind topics such as climate adaptation, mitigation, negative emissions technologies, carbon capture, biomass, other sustainable energy tech, environmental and waste issues, etc. The program will provide the most forefront international trend and observations on climate technology for free.

The program aims to start in the week of Nov 21-25. Specific dates will be confirmed with selected candidates.

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Applications are open until 13 November 2022 | 23:59 (GMT+7)!

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Theme: Climate Change, Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Energy

D1Overview of Climate Change Adaptation: How to Protect Vulnerable Groups1. Why is climate change adaptation important?
2. Climate change adaptation: agriculture
3. Climate change adaptation: disease control
4. Climate change adaptation: disaster management
5. Climate change adaptation: forestry
D2Overview of Climate Change Mitigation-Sources of Green House Gas Emission and Paths to Reduce1. Carbon peak and carbon neutrality: global forecast
2. Green premium and GHG emission
3. Power generation and storage
4. Manufacture
5. Agriculture and livestock
6. Transportation
7. Cooling and warming
8. New technology: CCUS, hydrogen, biomass, etc
9. Nature-based solutions
10. Biodiversity
D3Case Analysis and Discussion IHot topics: waste management, plastic, forestry, agriculture and disaster management, etc
D4Round-table Discussion of researchers and practitioners in the field of climate
D5Group PresentationOn the specific case analysis of each group
D6Reading & Rest
D8Lecture on Sustainable Energy Technology ISelected topics from the following:
1. Energy-efficient technology for agriculture
2. Nature-based solutions
3. Forestry
4. Waste management
D9Lecture on Sustainable Energy TechnologySelected topics from the following:
5. Carbon capture, utilization and storage
6. Electric Vehicles
7. New materials for architecture
8. Hydrogen
9. Advanced biomass
D10Case Analysis and Discussion IIThe potentials of Negative Emissions Technologies in Myanmar
D11Round-table with technology experts on sustainable energy
D12Group Presentation
D14Closing Event

Overall outputs and outcomes: providing the trainees a comprehensive knowledge system of climate change adaptation and mitigation and certain exposure of advanced climate tech. The program also aims to link further professional resources for outstanding trainees in their work related to climate change.

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